La Leçon de Musique - The Music Lesson by Claude d'Esplas

The Music Lesson, Rosine’s music lesson from Le Barbier de Séville (Rossini), opens like a prologue to these original essays of musicians attached to a special place next to their heart and spirit, such as Vienna, Zwickau, Pamiers, Ivanovka.

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Tristan et Iseut - Tristan and Isolt by Claude d'EsplasThe story of Tristan & Iseut – ‘a man, a woman’ – creatures of clay garbed in flesh by Beroul, Thomas, Gottfried and others. It was the glory of Richard Wagner to have united in an eternel embrace – with the help of the singer – the couplet and the song, the ivy and the vine, the draught and the cup.

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Les Merlufleaux
Le Petit Train d'Auteuil by Claude d'Esplas

Les Merlufleaux
Once more unto 
the breach, 
dear friends" 
and now let us 
go up to the 
common Room 
and have coffee.

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Le Petit Train d'Auteuil
From Le Voyage au bout de la nuit (Céline)
to La Bête Humaine (Zola) 
via Verlaine 
and the Goncourts... 
All aboard !

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Le Parcellaire
No mere matter 
of gauloiserie, in that savage return to the Albigeois country 
and its feuds against 
"the Forty Kings 
who made France".

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Le Petit Train d'Auteuil by Claude d'Esplas


La Mountelenco - Rosa Bordas
A nosto grando Mountelenco
A la Bordas
Que fai touti ploura
En cantant la patrio !

F. Mistral, 1898




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