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ADG - Paris in a non profit organisation with the aim of promoting the name of Monsegur Vaillant and Claude d'Esplas.

Association "Les Amis de Charles Gounod", 23 rue du Laos 75015 Paris (22/05/1979). Mail : [email protected]

Promoting the name of Monsegur Vaillant, soprano & concert pianist, at present the only one , in the musical world, to sing to her own accompaniment opera arias, lieder, ‘mélodies’, songs in the Provençal language and in the language of Gascony.

Charles Gounod’s opera Mireille / Mirèio  that she created in the Provençal language in 1980 -Frédéric Mistral’s 150th Anniversary - translation in the Provençal language by Claude d’Esplas, Maillane, Christmas 1978. Cf : Concert Extraordinar - Scene e Aria de La Crau (Gounod Mirèio Mistral) - Opera Nationala Romana, Cluj Napoca, Romania   15/11/1982

- Audio

Opera arias Opera Arias : La Contessa (Mozart), Juliette (Gounod), Marguerite (Gounod), Violetta (Verdi), Norma (Bellini) , Isolde (Wagner) ,  recording 1980, Paris (Finnvox / CD 1999)
Ariejo Moun Pais Lou Cant Dou Souleu Mireio
Arièjo Moun Pais, Lou Cant dóu Soulèu, Gounod Mirèio Mistral
Die Schnone Mullerin Die schöne Müllerin / Bicentenary Franz Schubert (Franz Schubert),  piano Förster
Gabriel Faure musicien de Verlaine Verlaine Fauré / les Mélodies de Venise, La Bonne Chanson  (Gabriel Fauré -Verlaine) piano Förster
Liederkreis - Dichterliebe / Schumann Liederkreis - Dichterliebe  (Robert Schumann),  piano Förster
Winterreise - Schubert Winterreise  (Franz Schubert) non stop recording  06/05/1999, Paris Conservatoire Rachmaninoff
Salle Gabriel Faure Salle Gabriel Fauré Concert Live. Conservatoire rue de Madrid, Paris 14 May 1991) - Piano Steinway
Rachmaninov at Ivanovka Rachmaninov at Ivanovka  (Serguei Rachmaninov) 24 Romances in russian Conservatoire Rachmaninoff, Paris  2000
Schwanengesang - Schubert Schwanengesang  (Franz Schubert) - piano Förster
An die Musik - Schubert / Gounod / Berlioz / Debussy An die Musik - Schubert / Gounod / Berlioz / Debussy
An die Musik - Schumann An die Musik - Schumann

- Video : Monsegur Vaillant in Moscow

  • Maly and Rachmaninoff Halls, Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, Moscow 1993.
  • Richard Wagner Tristan und Isolde’s  Liebestod – sung with overwhelming beauty to her  own accompaniment. (Cf. Video Maly Hall, Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, Moscow   1993 and  Franz Schubert's Erlkönig, Rachmaninoff Hall, Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, Moscow 1993).

Promoting the name of Claude d’Esplas, a native speaker of the Lingua d’Oc and a specialist in romance philology. Claude d’Esplas has deciphered the famous ’trobar clus’ of the medieval Troubadours. Member of the MHRA (Cambridge), writer.


- Books

Mireille / Mirèio 80, Michel Carré's libretto of Charles Gounod's opera Mireille - Frédéric Mistral’s 150th Anniversary - translation in the Provençal language by Claude d’Esplas, Maillane, Christmas 1978

Musical score Mireille by Charles Gounod - Choudens 1901 - Private Collection

Tristan & Isolt from Bayreuth to Monsegur

The story of Tristan & Iseut – ‘a man, a woman’ – creatures of clay garbed in flesh by Beroul, Thomas, Gottfried and others. It was the glory of Richard Wagner to have united in an eternel embrace – with the help of the singer – the couplet and the song, the ivy and the vine, the draught and the cup.

Ariejo Moun Pais Lou Cant Dou Souleu Mireio


The Music Lesson / La Leçon de Musique / Die Musikstunde (french, english, german)



La leçon de Musique

Scene of The Barbier of Seville by Rossini
Did Victor Hugo like music ?
Richard Wagner, Musician of Meudon
La Canso from Gasto Febus to Gabriel Fauré and Frédéric Mistral ’lyrical Koïné’ or Voice of a People ? (Oc language)
Bicentenary Schubert / Die schöne Müllerin
Gabriel Fauré, Musician of Verlaine
Robert Schumann, Musician of Zwickau
Franz Peter Schubert, Musician of Vienna
Gabriel Fauré, Musician of the Ariège (France)
The  last recital of the hall Gabriel Fauré
Rachmaninov at Ivanovka
Tony Poncet, tenor
The Violetta of the Century
Schwanengesang (Schubert)

An die Musik (CD1, CD2)


Homage to Yves Nat (1890 -1956)


Tourgueniev - Gounod - Mireille

Les Merlufleaux

Once more unto  the breach,  dear friends  and now let us  go up to the  common Room  and have coffee.

Les Merlufleaux

Le Petit Train d'Auteuil

From Le Voyage au bout de la nuit (Céline) to La Bête Humaine (Zola) via Verlaine  and the Goncourts... 
All aboard !

Le Petit Train d'Auteuil

Le Parcellaire

No mere matter  of gauloiserie, in that savage return to the Albigeois country  and its feuds against  the Forty Kings 
who made France.

Le Parcellaire

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Honorary President : Claude d' Esplas
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Treasurer : Claudie Cabon
Secretary : Marie-Pierre Donvez
Webmaster : Jean-Pierre Challot / DEDALUSWEB
Webmaster Assistant : Corinne Picard

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