Le Parcellaire

Le Parcellaire Content : La Bastide de Sérou, rue d’Arize - Foix - 14 July
La Tour Lafont - Pamiers -18 July
Giant chestnut trees - Le Temps des Cerises - The wild Boar - Land Parcel 234-235, 21 July
Faydit de Brouzenac - 22 July
Mr de la Bastide
Apple-trees, Notre Dame de Sabart, Land Parcel 20, 8 August
Mr l’Escoussière, Land Parcels 228, 229, 242, 251, 9 August
Mimine at Eychenat
From one mill to another ...
Mélanie of the Goats, 11th August
The Knight of the ferruginous waters, Baron of Alzen
The black bicycle
Land Parcels 169, 172,12 August - The Arize / Mr Fallacy
Land Parcels 229, 234, 228, 13 August – Mr L’Escoussière / Norbert Casteret
Land Parcels 58, 78, 79, 14 August - Pompeia Primilla
Parcels 52, 54 - Carrier Pigeons
Land Parcel 640, 15 August - The Land Parcel of God
The Colonel Bravadida
Honoré d’Urfé - L’Astrée - Bathylle - Leda - Mr L’Escoussière - 26 July, Land Parcel 88
Xanthippe and Socrates - The Pear-trees - Land Parcel 85 bis, 27 July
The Fountain-basin-wash house - Land Parcel 1002, 28 July
The Garum - La Balmo - Land Parcel 998
Pierre Bayle - Toulouse Lautrec - Yvette Guilbert - Wednesday 30 July, Land Parcels 1017/1018
Abbé Breuil - Father Teilhard de Chardin - Prehistory - Elohin, Jahwe, God of Pity - Land Parcel 104, 1 August
A miner’s pick - 2 August
The Wild Boar - 2 August
Mr Fallacy - Land Parcels 87, 88, 89, 3 August
La Madelon - La Der-des-Ders (1914-1918) - Mr Limebrick - Massat - 4 August
The Farrier - Land Parcel 1002, 5 August
The Blacksmith - Mr Irjava-scriptter - Pepi’Stieni- Land Parcel 87, 7 August
The Mill of Malarnaud
Festos de Fouix (Festival of Foix), 8 September

The Wild Boar - 2 August


            Let us not mention the wild boar considered among the most maleficent in the communes of Manses, Lapenne, and Mirepoix... to whom the lieutenant of the Wolf hunt  (a weasel hunter at times) pays particular attention, as he does to the rook,  the black crow, the magpie, the jay and to the starling who do not have the status of the little owl and the screech owl such as vaunted by the breton poet Godolin, under the stars of the toulousian sky ;  a poet himself incensed by this Aude ecclesiastic, former resistant in the past invited into the nights and the fogs of Germania, before finding himself, later, blinded by the “stars” of the Playboy magazine (french version ?) which his faithful secretary would religiously get for him at the kiosk next to the very orthodox Gregorian Institute of Occitanic Studies, situated at the very heart of a so-called “heretical” land, according to the terminology imposed by the Mother Superior on duty in an Italian Centre of Vaudoises Studies ; herself a Reverend fatly remunerated by the Council of the Wize of a Département which thus ensures, at minimum cost, a flourishing tourism of the most economically illuminated kind (ô N’ Esclarmonda qui etz vos e Na Guia ! ...).

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